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for the challenges of the future?

Anyone who wants to stay competitive today, needs to continually question and optimize their processes. Change is the constant in our lives - and technological progress sets the pace.

In the past, innovation often took place behind closed doors. But trying to invent state-of-the-art single-handedly comes at a price: anyone who tries to make progress on their own must use many of their own resources. Compromises at the expense of quality and consequently unfinished products can be the result.

Innovative Processes


Innovative solutions are created by innovative processes

Only the exchange with others often brings the fresh view of a problem and new ideas and solutions. Other perspectives and external input protect against operational blindness.

Moreover, those who work together on solutions not only share their knowledge, but also distribute the necessary resources on several shoulders. Together, more can be achieved - and it is easier to develop flexible, better products.

What individual companies can hardly handle alone,

we achieve TOGETHER.

That is the basic idea of the TISLOG.Community

The TISLOG community is the logical consequence of the entire work of TIS GmbH and the many years of trusting cooperation with our customers.

Biggest benefit of the Community?



& Further developments
of the TISLOG logistics software


are available to all members.

Success speaks for itself


TISLOG users are among the most innovative and successful players in the European logistics market.

The result of joint innovation


State-of-the-art, flexible, smoothly running products with extremely extensive functionalities, which are growing constantly.

Customer requirements often do not have to be commissioned for development, but are usually already available in the TISLOG standard and can be individually configured. This saves time and costs.

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    If a customer project incurs costs for enhancements, it may be possible to distribute them across several companies.

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    All customers benefit automatically from bug fixes and extensions.

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    Technical developments and innovations require input and experience. Our community benefits from the input of very different business scenarios. This enables us to identify trends faster and to incorporate them into the further development of our products.

Mutual goals

Not only can companies solve their problems of today with the help of the TISLOG.Community. Often, the TISLOG logistics software even provides solutions to the problems of tomorrow. Because the TISLOG.Community is enriched by the experiences and requirements of our TIS customers, also by the specific know-how of other manufacturers and developers of products for logistics.

We at TIS GmbH have opened up in this direction some time ago already and offer our telematics interface for free use.

In addition, we maintain active partnerships with manufacturers whose products complete our own offers to make them a complete solution from one hand for the benefit of our customers.

How the Community works


In the project implementation with our customers, we always work with a close eye on logistic practice, and have done so for decades. The result is a practically universal solution, which convinces especially by the detail functions and the configurability of thousands of parameters.


In this way, our customers already profit from the effects of the TISLOG.Community when the software components are configured after their previously determined individual requirements.


If a required functionality does not yet exist, our developers stand ready to close this gap seamlessly.

This creates further potential within the community

If the desired innovation proves to be generally useful for the software, the company has the option of reducing the cost portion of the custom part by making the new additional feature available to the community. The result is a solution that fits like a glove, with an attractive cost ratio compared to one hundred percent custom programming.



As a TIS customer, you benefit from our community on many levels.

As a TISLOG user, you always have access to all the advantages of the community. Every customer is invited to participate in the community. You alone decide what your involvement looks like and what new developments you want to share with others.

Together successful into the future!

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